School Governance Team

The School Governance Team (SGT) is comprised of shareholders from our community, our parents, and our school. The SGT meets monthly to help make decisions that support the organizational plan of the charter system and student achievement. This SGT helps support the flexibility, empowerment, and accountability of the charter system at the school level. The SGT functions under the authority of the locally elected school board.

Meeting Dates

All meetings will be held at LCHS at 3:00 pm.

August 19, 2020

September 16, 2020Curriculum

October 21, 2020- Counseling

November 18 (if needed)

December- No meeting

January 20, 2021-School Government

February 17, 2021Athletics

March 17, 2021 -School Safety

April 21, 2021CTAE and Plans for 2021-2020

Team Members

  • Billy Kirk - Principal

  • Cindy Hunsinger - Chair

  • Johnathan Mullins - Teacher

  • Catherine Gibbs - Teacher

  • Aaron Hopper - Teacher

  • Carrie Rucker - Parent

  • Camille Walker- Parent

  • Dwayne Flakes - Community Member